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As with many companies, Cult Wines International has humble beginnings.
What started as a personal wine collection with a passion for rare collectibles slowly grew into a flourishing business where people can both purchase fabulous wines, and sell or consign wines from their own private collection.
We are an internet-only based business. We have no store-front. This keeps our overheads low and our selection exclusive. Our mailing address is only for shipments. All of our wine is kept safely off-site.
We are always looking to expand our inventory, and we buy rare wines from all over the world. We commonly buy or consign entire wine collections from people who wish to sell their wine. As a result, we have an incredibly eclectic selection to choose from.
We have wines worth thousands, and also some wines for under $100.00.
At Cult Wines International we realized that there was a need for connoisseurs to be able to sell wines from their collection quickly, effectively and affordably. That is why we came up with our wine buying program and our consignment program. By listing our consigned wines at eBay auction, we quickly reach out to a much larger audience than traditional wine auction houses. In addition, our rates are much less, which puts more money in your pocket, and less in the hands of the auctioneers. (Check out the consignment link on our homepage for more info on the consignment process.)
We are true wine aficionados here at Cult Wines International, and the only thing we care more about than the needs of our customers is the needs of our wine. All of the wine we have is held in an optimum climate controlled cellar. Our wines are stored on their side in complete darkness at 55Ā° F and 60-70% relative humidity until they are shipped and sent to you. We also use crush-proof Styrofoam wine shippers specifically made to protect your bottles during transit. You can rest assured that you will receive your purchased wine bottles in perfect condition.
We want to be your first stop when looking to purchase fine wines, and that’s why we are so dedicated to providing both exceptional and consistent customer service to all our clients. We answer all of our emails within a 24 hour period, and you can also feel free to give us a call anytime.
Please like us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter for all the inside information on our newest purchases before they hit the web; and while browsing through our site and eBay listings, feel free to contact us any time with questions, comments or requests for certain vintages.