ZD Abacus XI Cabernet Sauvignon, 3L DOUBLE MAGNUM. Very Rare. Only 20 ever made.


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From the winery:

Abacus is our ultimate Cabernet Sauvignon. This very special solera style bottling of every ZD Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon ever produced is a vertical in a bottle. Abacus XVII the most recent bottling of Abacus includes 23 vintages of Cabernet from 1992-2014. The resulting wine is a spectacular Cabernet Sauvignon having the complex and developed qualities of an aged wine along with the vibrant intensity of a youthful wine, melded together into one sumptuous wine.

The concept was born when ZD Winemaster, Robert and his brother, Brett were enjoying a wonderful aged Cabernet Sauvignon. They agreed that the deep complexity and subtle nuances that develop in older wines are always accompanied by a loss of fruit. What if there was a way to blend the elegance of an older Cabernet Sauvignon with the intensity of fruit found in a younger wine?

Always eager to accept a challenge, Winemaster Robert deLeuze took on the task of creating such a wine, unlike any other produced in the world. The result is a “solera style” multiple-vintage blend of every ZD Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon ever produced, which is held in barrel until bottling.

The first bottling, with the 1992 – 1998 vintages, was released November 1, 1999. Approximately 15% of the total blend was bottled in distinctive custom bottles, totaling 200 cases. The remainder was returned to barrel to await the next infusion of youthful fruit. Prior to the second bottling, the 1999 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon was added to the blend. This is the ongoing cycle of the ever-evolving solera; each year Abacus will increase by one vintage, gaining more and more complexity. It truly stands as a legacy to all future ZD winemakers.

This is a 3 liter double magnum bottle. Only 20 of these bottles were ever made. We have 2 of them. 

So there are only 17 others in existence, and an unknown number which are unopened like this.

Bottle Size:

3000 mL

Storage History:

Prefect provenance. Stored in a professional wine storage facility on its side in the dark at 55 degrees F and 75% humidity since purchase.


Label: No damage. Label is etched.
Capsule: Tight with no corrosion.
Fill Level: No issues. Perfect.


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