1996 Castello d’Albola Acciaiolo Toscana, Italy


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Tasting Notes:

The wine displays an intense ruby-red color marked by luminous violet reflections that, over time, become brick-red. It has an ample bouquet of appealing complexity. Within the ensemble, the aroma typical of the Cabernet is harmoniously fused with scents of violets, cherries and small, wild red berries against a light background of vanilla. The harmonious balance between nose and palate is evident in the wines flavor, which features a satisfying equilibrium, velvety texture, noble body and rich structure. Dry and flavorful, with a long, persistently refine finish, with tones of sweet oak and vanilla.

A wine of elegance, the Acciaiolo makes a stupendous accompaniment for main course, haute cuisine dishes with rich sauces, every type of roasted or braised preparation, grilled red meats and game. It is perfect with aged cheeses and particularly those with intense flavors. From the second to the fourth year, it is best served at a temperature that varies initially between 61-64°F. The wine should then be set out on the table so that it gradually attains room temperature. In the fourth and fifth years and afterward, the bottle should be opened a couple of hours before the wine is served. At a more advanced age, it may benefit from decanting.

Bottle Size:

750 mL

Storage History:

Stored on it’s side in a climate controlled cellar since purchase.


Minor label blemishes as shown, otherwise perfect.
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