1968 Louis Martini Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Bottle 2


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About the Wine:

Louis M. Martini studied winemaking in Italy, and bided his time during Prohibition by making sacramental wine and selling grape juice concentrate to home winemakers. Seeing the end of Prohibition on the horizon he built a winery in St. Helena, innovating from the get-go. In 1936, he became one of the first California wineries to temperature-control his fermentations, and his son Louis P. followed in his footsteps, using wind machines to combat frost in the vineyards. Louis took the reins at the winery in 1954. Kim Marcus and Tim Fish, writing for Wine Spectator, recently said: “Martini’s Cabernets from the 1940s through the late 1970s, especially those from the Monte Rosso vineyard in Sonoma Valley, aged exceptionally well.”

Bottle Size:

750 mL

Storage History:

Stored in a climate controlled cellar on its side in the dark at 55 degrees F and 75% humidity since purchase.


Mid shoulder fill level.

Color and clarity are excellent.

Please examine the photos carefully. The bottle shown in the photos is the exact bottle you will receive.


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