Shipping & Returns

Shipping Map

The following map provides the estimated time of delivery for standard GROUND shipments.
2 day and overnight shipping is readily available during checkout.

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Shipping in Summer Months:

For a small fee, we are more than happy to include cool-packs in your wine shipment during the summer months or when weather conditions are not suitable for wine shipment. If you expect the weather to exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit during transit to you we recommend the use of cool packs and expedited 2 day shipping.

Shipping Restrictions:

We can ship to ALL states EXCEPT the following:


We collect 7% sales tax in the state of Florida

For More information on which states we can ship to and why, please go here:


International Shipping:

International wine shipments are available for many countries. Wines will be sent with an expedited international shipping method and usually will only take 3-5 days for delivery. However, with International Shipments there can be customs or weather delays associated with transit. Additionally there can be additional taxes or duties due upon import. It is important for you, as the Buyer, to know if your country legally allows the importation of wine and how much it will cost for the import fees. Some countries have very expensive customs taxes. Canada, for instance, can charge up to 102% of the wine's value as import taxes at the border. You must include an accurate email address and phone number with international orders so that the customs broker may contact you to collect import fees.

Please note that if you refuse to pay the import duties (or the Broker cannot contact you) and the wines are sent back to us, we will not refund the shipping costs of the wine. Additionally, if the wines have been held in improper climate conditions during the customs delay, and the wines are sent back, no refunds will be given.

Countries which we can send wine to without any problems are as follows:

Asia: Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Philippines, Singapore & Thailand
Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, England & United Kingdom, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland & The Netherlands
Others: Canada, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand

If you want to ship to a country not listed: Cult Wines International will NOT be held liable for seizure of the package in customs. Refunds will not be given. If the package is returned to us, any shipping costs or return shipping costs will be deducted from any refunds given to the buyer.
Regardless of which country you are having the wine shipped to: You as the buyer are fully responsible for the cost of any taxes or duties imposed on the package.

If you are International Buyer, once you have paid for this item you are agreeing to these terms. If you have not yet paid or the item has not yet shipped, and you wish to cancel the transaction, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Age Requirements:

The purchase of alcohol by persons under the age of 21 is prohibited by law. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase and receive wine. By placing an order with Cult Wines International, you are representing yourself to be at least 21 years of age. Cult Wines International reserves the right to verify proof of age before shipping. Someone over the age of 21 must be available to sign for the package upon delivery. Wine cannot be shipped to PO Boxes.

Holds on Wine Shipment during Summer Months:

Your wine will ship within 24 hours after payment has been made. Your wine will ship first thing Monday morning should you make a purchase over the weekend. However, we will hold shipment of your order when requested, and keep your wine stored in our cellars until the weather is more suitable for wine shipment. To hold your order, simply email us your request, or tell us in the "Comment" section of the order during checkout. Please also include the date which you would like us to ship. We will hold your wine for free up to 5 months from purchase.

Combined Shipping Policy:

Shipping for multiple bottles should automatically be combined during checkout. If you have purchased multiple bottles and shipping has not combined, contact us and we will either send you an invoice reflecting the combined shipping or send you a shipping refund if you have been overcharged.


Regardless of the date, climate or shipping method: Wine spoilage or leakage in transit is NOT covered. Heat creates the wine in the bottle to expand. Wine can seep thru the cork and create slight leakage if shipped during the summer months. Heat exposure for such a short period of time (during shipping) is typically harmless and are not acceptable reason for refunds. If you have purchased wine but are worried about heat spoilage or freezing temperatures, simply let us put the order on hold, and we will ship when you want. When purchasing shipping insurance, remember that shipments are only covered for theft, breakage during shipping or complete loss of the package.

Cult Wines International also cannot guarantee the quality of the wine in the bottle or the condition of the cork. We are not wine makers. We do our best by storing the wine in optimum conditions and accurately describing the condition of the bottles, but obviously this is as far as we can go when it comes to quality assurance.